Black is my true color, symbolizes deepness, being mysterious and dark. Full of unanswered questions filled with doubts coming on my mind right now. I am blinded in darkness. Where am I? Is this me?

Born and raised in the PHILIPPINES :)

My name is (My Name Here). Or whatever you call me. A Skateboarder, Vocalist (Soiree), Skate Filmer, whatever. Had a great, simple talents that never been polished to greatness. He proves something mischievious, but still he overcame it. Many obstacles and curves coming from this person's path, never backed down. He's somewhat agrees of saying that 'it's better to retreat on the first sign of defeat.'

I'm not your average guy. Maybe you're intelligent enough but I knew things that you never know. Maybe I'm fragile but my tongue is sharper than knives that's why it can tear your flesh apart. I strike quick as the snake. Open minded to all the possibilities.

I'm not a blogger like you people doing stuffs here, this is my temporary comfort for now. To breathe again without the guilt, hatred, or anything. I'm not worried if you wanna steal my idea and thoughts, as long as you have balls or tits to handle. Maybe you're imaginative, well I'm creative in a way I was. Imma bit cocky but humbled myself everytime.

All of these posts are 'NOT REAL' because Imma Liar. But my words speak for itself and true. Do not take it seriously if you're not. Because it can bring you to uncertainty. Maybe it may help you on other things but I'm not kidding here. If truth hurts, please tell me where..


'J' stands for my first name, and 'uno' stands for my first new born child if I have my own family someday.

We’ve already “WITNESS”ed the greatness, no one’s “CLOSER”. ever.

We’ve already “WITNESS”ed the greatness, no one’s “CLOSER”. ever.

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